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👋 Olá, hello, Servus! I'm Bruno: A Brazilian living in Germany since 2018, with 20 years of experience in the executive technology industry, leading and growing international teams and handling complex projects around the world.

In 2003, I developed my own software to retail business offering PoS solutions, CRMs, ERPs, stock, warehouse and delivery management, etc. From 2010 onwards, I’ve been mostly dedicated to the Cloud and its growth, becoming a specialist in the field. In 2015 I had my first SaaS: an LMS system running full throttle for millions of users.

After my two venture exits, I relocated to Germany to expand my horizons and to start my international career.

Since then, I have designed, planned and implemented highly available and scalable architectures on AWS / Azure / GCP that served in total over 50+ million end users across South America, UK and Europe.

Currently, I serve as the Vice President of Technology at MediaMarktSaturn, where I'm leading the charge to deliver an exceptional shopping experience to customers, both online and offline.

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Seeking a unique perspective for your event? Invite Bruno Bonando, where tech expertise meets clear, insightful narratives. Through engaging discussions and interactive workshops, I provide a blueprint to navigate the digital realm, cultivating a culture of innovation and advancing in career development for your attendees. Latest hot topics:

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